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"The staff at Dr. Boyner Clinic Gurugram is very professional. I came to them with a pain in my toe for more than 4-5 months, pain that was hindering me from running and jumping. It was to the point where it started to hurt even if I stood up for too long. I had tried other treatments as well but the treatments were not the most effective and pain came back within a few weeks. When I came in for my consultation, The staff at Dr. Boyner clinic Gurugram was able to clearly identify the problem and what the best course of treatment was. Although I was initially skeptical because of the steep price point, it was definitely worth it because I saw instant results after the first session. I must say that it did take me about 10 days to adjust into those new insoles but now I feel I am fully recovered. But I am glad that I had gone to treat my foot as I’m now able to enjoy my exercise with ease and comfort. The staff and the other podiatrists that I met along the way were very friendly and professional, definitely a great place to get your treatments!
Shoutout! to Ranjana for bringing this to Gurgaon"

Sidharth Rai
Sidharth Rai

"I am Senior Citizen of 71 yrs. permanently settled in Chandigarh. I have totally flat feet since birth. I had no problem with this till 2003 except some disformation of shoes at arch side. Suddenly acute pain at feet started while walking and even standing. I was so disturbed that I hesitated to keep my feet on floor, especially in the morning.

I discussed the issue with my acquaintances but no fruitful results. Then with the suggestion of someone I got insoles made by ordinary shoe repairer after every six months or so. It gave me some relief for few years but I never felt satisfied. Probably during 2011, my son, Karan Deep thoroughly studied the problem on Internet and suggested me to contact Boyner Delhi. Accordingly I went to Delhi and contacted Dr Avinash there.

After checking thoroughly on different machines especially made for this purpose, he advised me to get two types of insoles, one pair for sports shoes and other for all other shoes. Since then I have forgotten my problem as all the pain disappeared. I have to go there roughly twice a year to get my insoles refilled or getting new ones when refill is not possible. I thank full team of Boyner for extending their hospitality to me."