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Boyner Clinic Frenchies

We are exclusive dealer for Am cube in ASIA.

  • We will be able to provide the complete machinery /Technology and complete training with Well trained orthotist in our Delhi .
  • We are planning to open 150 clinics all over India and Asia within the next 5 years and
  • We are all ready running 32 centers you can see the details in our contact .
  • Every second person is having foot problem. In fact customized orthotics is a need for every one .
  • The segment for orthotics are huge Lots of hospitals Sports medicine doctors physiotherapy Diabetologist Orthopedic doctors and podiatrist they recv lots of foot patients.

There are four sets of machinery required to start up a foot care clinic. Moulding machine Foot scanning machine heating machine and grinder .
Setup cost starts at Rs.7,40000 (Seven lacks Forty thousand)
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Specialized Latest Technology

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Special Molding Technique

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Economic and Techniqual Skills

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Variety of Insoles Selection

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