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Customized Foot Insoles

We are having an innovative range of Customised insole technology in India as well as abroad. Dr. Boyner Clinic Pvt. Ltd has dedicated all the time to providing high quality global customized insoles solution for healthcare professionals and general consumers worldwide.

Custom Insoles Process

Boyner Clinic uses the exclusive thermoforming concept, the ‘Proform Module’. With the help of machines by which process of Diagnosis, Testing, Moulding and Grinding takes places are imported from France for best results.

Boyner Frenchies

Boyner Clinic is looking at opening 50 clinics by the end of this financial year and the number will touch 300 after 3 years. The concept of insoles has already gained momentum in the European and South American countries.

Introducing About Customized Insoles Process

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About Boyner Clinic

With its headquarters located at Chitranjan Park, New Delhi India, Boyner Clinic is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of customized orthotics in India.

Considering the high rate foot problems and the very few medical centers that provide solutions to this problem, we were moved to create a lasting solution for people facing this challenge in India and abroad. Our team which is made up of highly trained medical practitioners, and certified orthopedic surgeons have carefully put together workable systems and procedures to handle this malady in a cost-effective manner using the best means available. Our passion has helped us become the most sought-after orthotics clinic in India and worldwide as we are keenly focused on improving the quality of life for our fellow humans at the same time reducing the high cost of healthcare services without compromising its quality.

Boyner Clinic aims to create a lot of awareness about feet problems in India and abroad using platforms such as this website. But we do not merely create awareness about feet problems which a lot of people have; we are equally strongly committed to meeting the demands created by this problem through a touch of professionalism in healthcare service delivery to our customers and patients. {...}

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Specialized Latest Technology

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Special Molding Technique

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Economic and Techniqual Skills

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Variety of Insoles Selection

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